Record your voice in 30 second snippets for the ultimate high resolution communication. Traditional voice communication monopolizes your time and require endless scheduling and wasted time. Yac is personal, asynchronous communication built for remote teams.


Share what you see and provide ultimate clarity to your team. Asynchronous screenshare with red line annotation gets your team on the same page, no editing, trimming, or video calls required. Yac Screen Sharing is true asynchronous collaboration for the future of work.

Collaborate on the go

Yac is built for focus and deep work. Answer on your own time and don't get distracted by switching tabs or windows. Yac is chat designed to keep you in your flow throughout the day, whether that's at your desk or on the go.

What people are saying

Charlie Taylor


Using Yac is kind of like calling over to a friend while you're working, but because it's asynchronous you don't have to bother them. It makes working remote a lot easier especially when your team is scattered around the country.

Collin Borns

Voice Punch

I've found that with communicating with other people that I primarily do via Slack or text or whatever, especially when I'm on my desktop, I get a little frustrated when I'm not able to just send them a quick Yac chat.