Voice Messaging for Remote Teams

Talk with your team, no meetings or scheduling needed. Listen on your own time & stay in sync.


Build lasting relationships


Listen to messages on your time


Just one click to talk

No dialing or calling, we’re bringing back voicemail with style. Your teammate will reply with a YAC of their own as soon as they're free.

Asynchronous voice messaging

30 seconds or less

Multi-team support

Share a YAC to
your Slack

Why teams use YAC

Instant Onboarding

Login with Slack share messages directly to Slack.

On Your Time

No more trying to sync up schedules or settings meetings.

Less Distraction

Stay productive by listening while you work.

High Resolution

Attach a screen recording to a voice message so your team sees what you see.

News & Blogs

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How Zapier Works Remotely

I sat down with Emily Breuninger, Manager, Partnerships - Launches at Zapier, to talk about how she’s able to manage her fully remote team and how Zapier is able to scale their fully remote team.

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YAC Legacy is our free real-time voice chat app

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What teams are saying

Being able to stay in touch with our team and stay productive at the same time has been amazing.

Samuel Winter

Relay Chat

Sometimes you just fully rely on Slack to make a point. YAC has helped us improve communication and grow closer as a team.

Faith Storey


We are a big family at SweetRush and YAC lets us stay connected without interrupting our workflow.

Adrián Soto

SweetRush Spark